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Tree Weight and Crown Reduction – Important for Safety

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Weight and crown reduction is also one of the tree risk preventions. Too heavy on the top of the trees can cause danger to the people and to the property as well. The top of the tree can be dangerous if it is too heavy and might fall during a heavy rain. It is important to do the crown reduction process to make some cuts and left new outer edge intact. This process will be making the tree lighter and will prevent any limbs and upper part of the tree falling down. This is preventing any more problems to occur.

Tree Weight and Crown Reduction is making the tree smaller. But then by the rule the crown of the tree should not be reduced more than twenty-five percent. Reducing the crown of the tree can be stressful to the tree because of the cuts that are required. Crown reduction may lead to sun exposure due to a dead bark on the part that was reduced and this can bring damage to the tree. For this reason, it is not recommended to reduce entire crown especially the mature tree. Pruning can be the process to apply when reducing the crown, just choose the selected one that needs to be removed. The main objective of the crown reduction is to make sure that it is only those branches that are old should be removed. Meaning those new ones should remain intact on the top. What’s important is the crown is reduced to prevent any accidents.

Tree Weight and Crown Reduction - Important for Safety

Weight reduction method is making the tree lighter to avoid from waving whenever there is heavy rain and winds that can cause it from falling. The weight reduction can be pruning the branches that are getting older and being dead. These deadwoods can be removed carefully so that the live branches will not be affected. It is so important to assess the trees first before doing any kinds of process, especially the weight and crown reduction. For this method of reducing the crown and the weight the assessment done can be distinguishing what are those branches that need to be intact. By doing this it will be saving the tree from damage or worse from dying. It is important to contact professional or arborist who has more knowledge about how to do the process. The reduction process is very critical because the life of the tree is also at stake.

Every method of how to take care of the tree and how to cut it right is very important. This is because the arborists or tree professionals needs to consider all the aspects when it comes to trimming the tree. Trimming the tree is important to avoid accidents in the future, to whether heavy wind and rain that will occur. Trees are important and the people and the properties too, so it is significant to ask advice from the professional on what to do if you have high trees and too many branches that are already on your house’s roof.

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